About us


The mission of Thailand Interdisciplinary Council of Evidence Based Practices (TICEP) is to improve the standard of services provided in Thailand. As professionals, we often work together but still stay within our boundaries. Our goal is to work across and beyond disciplines, eliminating boundaries to come together to align vision and efforts to provide best practices to neurodiverse individuals.

Who are we?

A professional network of practitioners, professionals, and scholars in various fields serving individuals with special needs and their families in Thailand.

What are our goals?

  • To foster and improve communication, collaboration and inter-agency work between various service providers in the community
  • To establish a professional community in which service providers, scholars, policy-makers, and beneficiaries of services can come together and align vision and efforts
  • To disseminate best practices across a variety of fields
  • To integrate services and increase ease of access and services navigation for families in Thailand
  • To improve quality, accessibility, and availability of services for families living in Thailand

Thai Interdisciplinary Council of Evidence Based Practice

Group of people coming together working in the field of the children with special needs to promote evidence based practice

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